Birthday Contest – Royal High Tea Party!

Our birthday contest is now closed. Thank you for all the great memories. We will announce the winner soon. Stay tuned!

royal_party_blogWhat has been your most memorable birthday party? That’s the question we’re asking as we embark on a new Neverland adventure. And, as we begin this exciting new chapter, we are throwing a birthday contest to celebrate. Enter to win simply by answering below, “What was your most memorable childhood birthday party?” We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly! The prize is a free children’s birthday party worth $500!

As a mother of a 6 year old, I’ve tried to hire the clown, the fairy, the princess inclusive of food but it doesn’t exist because generally entertainers don’t work out of a commercial kitchen – until now! We’re bringing the Neverland experience to you with our children’s off-site birthday parties. So really we’ve created something that as mothers, we wanted. And my daughter wholeheartedly approves!

To find out more about our “Royal High Tea Party”, check out our parties page:

Contest closes July 15th. A random winner will be chosen at that time. “Will you tell us a story?” ask the Lost Boys. I look forward to reading them!

25 thoughts on “Birthday Contest – Royal High Tea Party!

  1. Brie Gibson

    My most memorable was a fairly simple party. I had a group of friends over, and then my dad took us all on the bus to Lougheed Mall to see a movie (back when there was a theatre there). After, everyone came back to my house and we had a sleepover. I remember getting a Kriss Kross poster and playing Girl Talk, it was awesome!

  2. Bianca

    My most memorable childhood birthday party was the year my mom hit me right in the middle of the face with a giant snowball in front of all of my friends. I was mortified and ran inside crying. My mom was just trying to have fun as we had all gone to the back yard to play in the snow, but out of all the birthdays I had as a child this is by far the one that sticks with me as most memorable. If I were a child today I would likely have much more exciting party stories to share, but back when I was a child, parties consisted of playing pass the parcel in the birthday child’s living room. I would love to win the tea party for my daughters birthday. I am an avid loose leaf tea drinker and would love to check out your salon one day.

  3. Tanya

    Best tween birthday: my friend’s parents treated four of us to dinner at a fancy restaurant. (We got to sit at our own table while they sat out of sight across the restaurant.) Then a secret admirer sent virgin daiquiris to our table! It turned out to be my parents, by phone, but it was VERY exciting at the time.

  4. Jennifer Bradley

    The good, the bad and the ugly….
    The good: Having my childhood birthdays the week after school started in Sept. so that all of us who had been carted away by our parents on various vacations and camping trips were FINALLY together again. My pre teen bdays had the best sleepovers because we were so excited to see each other again…lots of dancing, disco lights, pizza and contests to see who could stay up all night!
    The bad: Begging to get my ears pierced for my 10th and my Dad flat out refusing! Sniff, sob!
    The ugly: My 15th when Mom and Dad gave me $50 to buy pizza and we bought Baby Duck sparkling wine instead. Definitely UGLY!!!

  5. Laura Chiarenza

    The summer I turned 10, my family decided that we should spend the summer in Florence, with my uncles, aunts and cousin, who lived in the most beautiful Tuscan villa right above Florence with a view that was so breathtaking and indescribable. So there we were. Me, my three brothers, and a villa complete with statues, ponds, vineyards, wild cats, and rows upon rows of lemon bushes. And yet, I was 9 going to be 10 and that kind of scenery was no substitute for my home, my friends, and my usual dairy queen ice cream cake and trip to MacDonald’s, where the play room made you feel like you had won the lottery and gone to heaven. Of course now I am a vegetarian but at the time, oh my god. In any case, there I was in the Villa, oh poor, poor, me, no friends, about to turn ten.
    On the morning of my birthday I remember my three brothers getting into huge trouble for picking all the lemons off the bushes in the back. Oh great, they are already ruining my special day. In their defense though, I suspect that they were trying to make me lemonade for my birthday. Anyway, the next thing I knew, my aunt, who didn’t speak a word of English, came over to me and took my hand, she said, shhh, and brought me to a room that we were told over and over to never enter as it was only for special occasions. When she opened up the doors, I saw the most beautiful little tearoom. It looked like an antique dollhouse. Something you would never see back home. It was a corner room with large windows that looked out onto Florence. On the table my aunt had laid out little Italian pastries and special teas with the most beautiful blue teas cups that matched the blue antique chairs. I was speechless, and then she sat with me while we ate pastries and drank teas. The entire time she spoke to me in Italian, while I pretended to understand.
    That night my Uncle took me out back to see the fireflies. There were so many, everywhere, another thing I had never seen in Vancouver. I remember how they lit up the entire sky and back garden. Now looking back, the tearoom, the view, the villa, the pastries, and the fireflies. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the most amazing birthday that I have ever had.

  6. maria

    My parents didn’t really throw us birthday parties growing up but i recall the first birthday party i ever went to, which was also my first movie theatre experience. They took us to see Pinocchio. Very exciting for a 7 yr old!

  7. Laksa

    My favourite party was my Peter Pan themed party with pirates, fairies and all the lost boys. I would love to have another party at Neverland Tea – I love Peter Pan

  8. Carly Bloch

    My most memorable birthday party was when I turned 6. My younger sister and I are almost exactly 2 years apart, so when we were younger we used to celebrate our birthdays together. This was our last birthday party in South Africa before we immigrated to Canada. My grandparents were there, all my aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins our age. My parents went all our with renting ponies for us to ride around the garden (I cried I was so scared to ride the ponies. I wouldn’t get on until near the end of the party, then I didn’t want to get off!).

  9. Jennifer P.

    When I was a kid birthday parties were plain and simple – friends came over to the birthday person’s house, played a few basic party games, then presents were opened, cake was eaten, and everyone went home. So my memories of my birthday are all pretty much the same – enjoyable, fun times with friends, but nothing over the top to comment on. My most memorable birthday that stands out from the others was not a great one. My birthday is in the summer and almost always falls near the BC Day long weekend. Many times as a child my friends were away for my birthday because of the extended weekend. One year no one could come except one friend, so my mom invited her little sister to come along too so that I would have 2 people at my birthday party instead of just one. I was humiliated that my friend had to bring her “baby” sister (she was actually only 2 years younger…) to my party, but even more humiliated when their parents forgot about the party and they didn’t even show up! Luckily after a quick call they were able to come over (they lived across the street), but I was very disappointed in the turnout that year and had wished that my mom had just cancelled the party all together.

  10. Michelle

    My birthday falls on a major holiday. So every year it was the same family gathering and the same cake- Blackforest from the best bakery in town. It was my favourite. So now, I try and make my children’s parties super exciting and amazing with tons of friends and an epic cake, no holiday babies for me!

  11. Amber karwat

    My most memorable birthday has been as an adult… Spending the evening with a bonfire on the beach in the Oregon coast… S’mores, my kids and hubby and family- definitely best bday celebration ever!

  12. S Koonja

    Being a mother of 2 beautiful little girls, it makes me think back to when my sister and I were little girls celebrating our birthdays together. It’s not so much of what we did but WHO was there to share this day with us. Each year for as long as I can remember, when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I say “don’t give me anything, just call everyone over”. That’s my memory

  13. Diana Pringle

    My best parties were the ones where I actually got a birthday cake. My birthday comes right after Christmas so it was school holidays and everyone has eaten so much that cake isn’t high on the list!!! My parents always celebrated and tried to make it special! Loved finding the big value money in my piece of cake and the best present was a dozen of ornamental dogs for my collection. Loved Cinderella and still do!!!

  14. Helene

    My most memorable childhood birthday party was when we had a family friend from Mexico stay with us. Together we made an authentic pinata, back then people weren’t used to that sort of thing so having a giant hanging object that you could hit and then candy & toys came out was pretty amazing.

  15. sunshine h

    My birthday is a bit of a tough one, in elementary/high school it was always during spring break, in university it was during term papers and exams (and also often when the flu hit), so I am a bit of an ‘unbirthday’ person. I think the one that does stand out the most though was in my first year of University. The other women in my dorm room decided to ‘kidnap’ me and take me to a local restaurant, the Sunshine Cafe. I loved their generosity and kindness with my first birthday away from home, but, it is really scary being blindfolded in a car (don’t worry, it was mostly voluntary, and at least I wasn’t driving!).

  16. Samantha Nutley

    My most memorable birthday party as a child was the time my parents forgot to put my ice cream cake in the freezer (in August) so we had princess Jasmine ice cream soup with a candle in it instead of cake! lol! They literally served it as a giant puddle with a gel frosting princess floating on the top…it was priceless! :-)

  17. Gal

    My absolute favourite birthday party was my candy land themed birthday party. The whole living room was blooming with decorations that made me feel so happy inside. We also had a candy buffet that supplied my friends and I with the sweet little treats we needed. Everything turned out great and it has made so many memories for me and my friends. That party was the best one so far! :)

  18. Sophia Litva

    My most memorable birthday party as a child was when I was a seven years old, and it was a very stressful time. My grandpa was very sick, and none of us felt like celebrating a birthday in a big way. The day passed like any other, and soon after my grandpa passed away. My family was very sad, but he’d left something very special for us: a gorgeous get-away vacation in Hawaii! He flew my aunts, cousins, brother, sister, parents, and me to Honolulu, where we finally celebrated my birthday with a tea service at our hotel and toasts to my grandpa! Our sweet grandpa had wanted us to have an amazing time and let us know he was still with us on that trip. He loved Hawaii so much, especially the zoo, that finally we could see too. That was definitely a birthday I’ll always remember, and every time I look back on it, I wish I could visit Hawaii again!

  19. Laurie

    My most Memorable Birthday Party was most Defiantly my Last as a Child. I was in grade 2 and I guess I was causing my poor mother grieve, she gave a several warnings that if I did not behave I would not be allowed to have a birthday party. I guess I did not behave as she refused to let me have one. I went to school the day before my birthday and stayed in at lunch and pulled out my note book and hand printed an invitation to every kid in my class.The next day while I was at school Mum received several calls from the mothers of my class mates wanting to confirm the suspicious little ripped pieces of paper with an invite !!! My mother had no time to deal with me she had to run out and get food and a cake . It was so fun! But she never allowed me to have a birthday party again…

  20. Maggi

    My most memorable birthday party when was I was six years old. I loved the idea of being a queen at my very own high tea, so my parents organized a tea party for my birthday at my house. We had a tea service and pink cakes, and my friends looked so funny trying to be polite at the table in their little pink and yellow and purple dresses. Some of my friends had never tried tea before, but they loved the English Breakfast we served, and still today we love our tea!

  21. Janelle Wallace

    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 6. Looking back on it now I know how hard my mom worked to make it so fun! We had 3 legged races, sack races, eggs on a spoon, and musical chairs. It was son fun and so classic.
    We had hotdogs, chips, kool aid and of course cake and ice cream!
    Birthday parties now a days miss that nostalgic simplicity. I do my best with each birthday to put as much fun into my kids parties :)

  22. Tatjana

    My most memorable birthday party was when I was a little kid, and my family still lived in Yugoslavia. We had a picnic under leafy, gorgeous trees, and it was such a beautiful day. I didn’t usually have birthday parties, but this one was very special to me. My parents brought cookies, fruit, and little sandwiches with Nutella, (my favourite.) My aunt even surprised me with a delicious strawberry vanilla cake! My brother, parents, and I had an amazing time!!

  23. Nicole

    My best party was when my friends and I went skiing all night, played Wii and ended with an awesome sleepover! That was probably my best birthday party ever!! :)


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