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Valentine’s High Tea at Neverland

blog_valentines_bodyValentine’s High Tea will be available February 11-14th. Reservations are available via telephone or for these dates so please call the store 604-428-3066, Monday to Friday, 11-6 to save your spot! Vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free high teas will be as mouth watering as the regular ones listed below!

A sneak peek at the delicacies the Neverland team has in store for you!

Valentine’s High Tea at Neverland

Amuse Bouche –
Warm porcini risotto ball with truffle aioli.

Sandwiches –
*Croissant french toast with bacon, ripe brie and black walnut.
*Tea and rosemary-smoked cheddar with apple relish.
*Open-face porchetta with gremolata on focaccia.
Yuzu-miso crab salad in a herbed gougere.
Thai tuna tartar with pickled carrots in a sesame cone.

Desserts -
*Hand-dipped bonbons – black forest & red velvet.
*Mini cupcake – London Fog, roasted strawberry and lavender.
Coconut and spice death by chocolate
Crème brulee tart with raspberry and rose.

To Take Home -
Passionfruit and dark chocolate heart macaron.

HT $40
BHT $48
DT $25

Special Cocktail – Lychee rose martini +10
Smoked salmon and blini service, chocolate dipped strawberries, a half-bottle of Stellar’s Jay brut + 50 for two
Upgrade to Moet et Chadon +30

Kitchen supplies drive for Syrian refugee families

refugee_drive_bodyWe’re not sure which has greater healing properties; preparing a meal for people you love or enjoying a meal prepared with love. Neither are a luxury our arriving Syrian refugee families have enjoyed in a very long time. Help us equip them with kitchen supplies you would use to start rebuilding your life, your family, your home.  Please drop off any new or gently used kitchen ware Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Remembrance Day

remembrance_day_articleNeverland generally closes for holidays to enable our hard working staff to spend time with friends and family. So why are we open Remembrance Day? I think you’d have to blame my Grandfathers.

As a kid Remembrance Day was about poppies and Flanders Field and long assemblies that made me get pins and needles in my legs. That all changed in 2004 when I happened to be in Paris on the 25th of August – the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of France. A stranger passed me on the street and having recognized my Canadian accent asked me if anyone in my family had served. When he found out that not one but two grandfathers had and one was still alive, he grabbed my shoulders and looked into my eyes with a gratitude so sincere it made my heart almost stop. He begged me to thank my grandfather for all he had done to liberate France. History suddenly became personal.  I called my Grandfather that night and on the next visit sat down with him and asked about his experience as an 18-year-old Canadian farm boy in the Royal Air Force. It was so fascinating that I had to make him stop talking while I ran for my computer so I could transcribe his memories as they came pouring out. Amazing. I regret that it took a stranger on the street to make me wake up to what Remembrance Day truly means but I am forever grateful that he did.

Neverland is open today so people can come for tea and share memories with the next generation, because every family has memories tied to this day and we must keep them alive. So it is for my Grandfathers that we are open today because there is no doubt in my mind that if they were still alive they would love nothing more than to come for tea and share their memories of the adventure, the sacrifices and the lost friends. Lest we forget.

(Donald John McEwen served in the 514 Squadron RAF and Henry Spencer Tatchell served as asdic operator aboard the HMCS Trillium corvette)

Summer Holiday for Neverland

summer_holiday_blogNeverland will be closed August 4-11 while we heed J.M. Barrie’s advice and take the time to create some summer memories with family and friends. We hope your week is packed with memory making moments and we’ll look to helping you create more after the 11th!

“I suppose it’s like the ticking crocodile, isn’t it? Time is chasing after all of us.” – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

New Summer Hours

new_hours_blogWe are noticing more people looking sadly at our closed door Friday and Saturday mornings so starting July 3rd we will be open an hour early! If all goes well we may expand early days or maybe go earlier! Let us know what you want and come by for the early hour Friday or Saturdays!

New Hours
Monday: 11-6
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 11-6
Thursday: 11-6
Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-6
Sunday: 11-6

Valentine’s Weekend High Tea

valentines_day_high_teaVictoria and her inspired kitchen team have come up with a special Valentine’s Day high tea which will be available for only three days! Reservations are pouring in quickly so book your table for February 13th, 14th or 15th to avoid disappointment.  Mouthwatering details:

• Matcha lemonade with raspberries

• Cucumber and cream cheese
• Chicken salad, tarragon mayo, walnuts and grapes
• Crab salad, avocado puree, marinated mango, sesame cone
• Tuna tataki, wonton chip, ponzu gel, togorashi mayo
• Herb scone, aged cheddar and tomato jam

• Red velvet cupcake with mascarpone icing
• Matcha cheesecake slice
• Mocha brownie, praline ganache & crystalized hazelnuts
• Pink macaron with lychee, rose and white chocolate

Valentine’s High Tea: $35 per person
Bubbly Valentines High Tea: $42 per person

Product Development Tuesdays

Effective March 18th, Neverland will no longer be open on Tuesdays.

tuesdays_01As a young cook, you enter the industry with ideas of creating new flavours and sensations and showing the world what kind of magic you can create on a plate or in a bowl.  Unfortunately, at this point of supreme inspiration, you completely lack the skills necessary to transform your vision into actual food.  So rarely are cooks allowed the creative space needed to keep this enthusiasm alive, as managers and business-owners are hesitant to “fix what isn’t broken”.  At Neverland, we like to think outside of the box, and rather than a treat that gets handed out on special occasions, creativity is the air that we all breathe; it is why Neverland exists.  With that in mind, and due to overwhelmingly busy days now, we have chosen not to sit on our heels and enjoy an easy life, but to push even harder at the boundaries around us.   Our decision to close on Tuesdays was not one made without considerable thought and debate, but being able to foster creativity and to have the time to make new exciting products is irresistible.

tuesdays_02Development Tuesdays will enable us to make changes to the high tea tower even more often, and bring you new scone flavours, and source out harder-to-find teas from around the world.  We will, of course, keep you up to date via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as we do already, but Wednesdays will be devoted to filling you in on what magic and alchemy we got up to on Tuesdays.

After a staggering number of requests to buy our gluten-free flour blend, we will also be looking into how much red tape will need to be cut through to bring this to the public, and how we can go even further and begin to bake gluten-free breads in house.  Just because we have the best high tea in Vancouver, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying to make it even better.

Victoria Reichert