We would like a private party at Neverland, is that something you can offer?

Evening buy-outs allow you and your guests to experience the magic of Neverland all on your own from 6pm-10pm, and work with a ‘minimum spend’ of $1200, which is calculated as a total amount that is spent during the event and charging the balance as a ‘room fee’. For example, if 40 people each get high tea, then the $1200 minimum is met and no further charges are incurred. However, if 40 people each only spend $20, then the balance ($400) will be charged as a room fee.

What food can we have at our party?

While high tea is the most popular choice among guests booking parties at Neverland, we have other choices including gluten and dairy omitted alternatives. We also have a great selection of sparkling wines and our signature tea-infused cocktails.

I love your tipsy teas, but the names don’t suit my event. Can you change the name?

Absolutely! And we can customize a cocktail to your tastes!

We would like a pirate themed party. Can we decorate Neverland?

Unfortunately, we do not allow guests to put up decorations.

Do you have a tv or projector we can use?

We have a Murphy bed stage and we a surround sound system that guests can use, however we do not have a television or projector at Neverland at this time.