Our Menus

Neverland guests are consistently surprised by the number of menus we have. I suppose it is yet another reflection of our love for variety and relentless need to exercise our perogative to change our minds. Lunch, dinner, brunch, cheese, wine, cocktails, gluten and dairy-ommitted, kids… and we are even working on some tea-infused organic doggy biscuits. So feast your eyes on our ever-evolving menus and we dare you not to make a reservation!


High Tea

High Tea is the ultimate Neverland experience. After sampling high teas all over the world, we’ve taken what we love and made it our own on an ever-evolving tower of decadence. The array of finger sandwiches and pastries will delight the senses and have you proclaiming each one is the best you’ve ever had until you move onto the next. No one can argue that a perfectly brewed cup of tea is at the very heart of the high tea experience, so included in your high tea is the ability to try as many teas as you like.

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Our Tea List

Tea in its purest form is celebrated at Neverland. With over 60 types of teas sourced from 10 suppliers on 4 continents, we have some selections that are totally unique to Neverland. Our signature ‘Take Me To Neverland” is a delightfully adult play on favourite childhood flavours, and has even been rumored to possess magical powers that, at least while drinking it, will make you feel like you never grew up at all!

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Neverland Dining Room

The piece de resistance of Neverland and main full service seating area where the magic really starts to brew. The room you just need to experience. Words will not do it justice. The menus speak for themselves.

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Special Diet Items

We want everyone to leave Neverland with magical memories, regardless of dietary restrictions, so we have a full assortment of gluten- and/or dairy-omitted items available. From cakey Apple Cinnamon Scones, to our rich and decadent gluten- and dairy-omitted sour cherry brownies, you can be sure that you will find something that will delight your senses.