Product Development Tuesdays

Effective March 18th, Neverland will no longer be open on Tuesdays.

tuesdays_01As a young cook, you enter the industry with ideas of creating new flavours and sensations and showing the world what kind of magic you can create on a plate or in a bowl.  Unfortunately, at this point of supreme inspiration, you completely lack the skills necessary to transform your vision into actual food.  So rarely are cooks allowed the creative space needed to keep this enthusiasm alive, as managers and business-owners are hesitant to “fix what isn’t broken”.  At Neverland, we like to think outside of the box, and rather than a treat that gets handed out on special occasions, creativity is the air that we all breathe; it is why Neverland exists.  With that in mind, and due to overwhelmingly busy days now, we have chosen not to sit on our heels and enjoy an easy life, but to push even harder at the boundaries around us.   Our decision to close on Tuesdays was not one made without considerable thought and debate, but being able to foster creativity and to have the time to make new exciting products is irresistible.

tuesdays_02Development Tuesdays will enable us to make changes to the high tea tower even more often, and bring you new scone flavours, and source out harder-to-find teas from around the world.  We will, of course, keep you up to date via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as we do already, but Wednesdays will be devoted to filling you in on what magic and alchemy we got up to on Tuesdays.

After a staggering number of requests to buy our gluten-free flour blend, we will also be looking into how much red tape will need to be cut through to bring this to the public, and how we can go even further and begin to bake gluten-free breads in house.  Just because we have the best high tea in Vancouver, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying to make it even better.

Victoria Reichert

One thought on “Product Development Tuesdays

  1. Jenn

    This is so refreshing to read! A am a huge fan of the idea to make room for creativity and let imaginations run wild. I believe it is important for growth & happiness. Stories such as Alice In Wonderland, as well as Peter Pan and the Harry Potter series have always struck a special chord in me. I’ve always been an afternoon tea enthusiast, and heard of Neverland earlier this year. I am taking a friend for a birthday afternoon tea at the shop tomorrow, I can’t wait to finally see the place for myself! Will be taking photos and blogging about our time there. So very looking forward to it! =)


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