Renee and her Tea

renee-and-her-teaOk. So I’m not the writer. That’s Terri’s department. I’m the performer, socializer and a talk on the phone or in person kinda gal. So blogging is not really my thing. But Terri says we should both have our distinct voices on our website, which is true. So, I settle in with a delicious cup of Take Me To Neverland and here I go. . . . but what to write about? Well, I talk about what I’m passionate about so I guess I write about that too.

TEA! It’s my favourite part of Neverland (well, that and the tickle trunk!) I really am very proud of the collection of teas that we have brought in. I collected samples from at least a dozen suppliers and we did cuppings of tea to determine what was the best and brought it in. Of course it’s subjective but I believe that we have the best teas in all the land. And that list will be continuously changing. Today, for instance, I received my package of Lapsang Souchong. I didn’t bring it in at first because I thought I was one of the only ones to like the taste of liquid smoke. But no, apparently there are others who enjoy it too. And a few days ago, a young woman, originally from Taiwan, dropped off some of the best oolongs I have ever tasted. Her family comes from a long line of tea farmers from the mountainous regions of Taiwan and she gets some of her teas directly from her uncle. I love that and I love her teas and will definitely be looking to bring some in.

So yes, I love the taste of tea but I also love the stories that go with it. And the ritual. Tea can stop time. Like Neverland. My mother always had a cup of tea ready for me after school and we would sit and talk about the day. I want that to continue with my daughter who may only be 5 but has already been drinking tea for 3 years. Let us make you a cup of tea after work and let’s talk!

One thought on “Renee and her Tea

  1. SB

    You are definitely a writer – a natural. The last paragraph is my favourite. You capture the essence of special moments in life: childhood, mother & daughter chatting over a cup of tea, sharing stories from their day together, perhaps a first crush, perhaps tears, perhaps laughter, perhaps a nugget of wisdom. The fondest of memories. With the added hint of fairytale & wonder. “The stories that go with it”.


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