Terri’s Thoughts – Neverland in the Making

Neverland in the making

Neverland in the making

Just three weeks in and I’m already more proud of Neverland than anything I’ve ever been a part of. Not because of what it is, but because of what it promises. Specifically the memories it promises to create, restore and preserve. The children dressing up for their first high tea, the grandmothers reminiscing about everything from their escapades in European salons to flashbacks of their mother’s best tea cups and even the men with that glimmer in their eye when they talk about bringing that special someone back to feel the magic for themselves. You need only sit back for a moment and absorb the celebrations, discussions and stolen moments to understand what I mean. It’s as close to magic as I’ve ever seen.

From the day we conceived the idea of Neverland, it took on a spirit of its own, building and growing from the life and breath of everyone who has consistently been so energized by its essence. That sounds all wordy and grand, but it’s exactly what happened. With every idea, memory, piece of furniture and collected teacup, Neverland began accumulating life long before it opened its doors.  But now that its doors are open, it’s truly out of control. The air is thick with the past, the present and oddly, the future.

So perhaps to say I’m proud is inaccurate. I am awed. There is no one person that can lay claim to what Neverland is becoming. It belongs to us all and the memories we are creating will with luck, go on for generations to come.

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