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We are proud to offer the TAKE ME TO NEVERLAND Bubbly High Tea, A GRANDE ADVENTURE High Tea, TINKERBELL’S High Tea for Children and the demi tea in traditional, vegan, gluten and dairy omitted or vegetarian. After sampling high teas all over the world, we’ve taken what we love and made it our own on an ever-evolving tower of decadence. The array of finger sandwiches and pastries will delight the senses and have you proclaiming each one is the best you’ve ever had until you move onto the next. No one can argue that a perfectly brewed cup of tea is at the very heart of the high tea experience, so included in your TAKE ME TO NEVERLAND Bubbly High Tea and A GRANDE ADVENTURE High Tea is the ability to try as many teas as you like. Others claim that a glass of bubbly is also key and others still will come to demand their favourite spirit infused tea cocktail as their preferred Neverland choice. Again with the options we love so much. We make almost everything in house (we even made the towers!).

High Tea

Tinkerbell’s High Tea