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Neverland Tea Tower



Our Autumn High Tea is now being served, one of our favorite of the year, this tower features the rich fall harvest flavors of apples & pumpkin, and to indulge a little more, we’ve added chocolate and caramel!

Order our Autumn Most Elegant High Tea  on our take out order page!  Neverland’s Most Elegant Take Out High Tea is everything you need to pull off the dream outdoor tea party, picnic or indoor celebration.  Minimum effort with the maximum wow factor for your own celebrations or as a gift for a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower, or a dream come true children’s party.  Big on whimsy and virtually no panic or fuss.

We’ve taken care of it all for you.  In addition to the superior Neverland high tea pastries, scones, and savories, we’ve decided picnics need salads, so we’ve come up with our favorite two!  A fresh garden salad with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, crispy fried onions with everything dressing, plus a seasonal fruit salad with honey-lime yogurt dressing.  Portions will be enough to accommodate the total number of people in your party.  Now here’s where the whimsy comes in! We supply a biodegradable 3-tier tower, frilly napkins fancy paper plates, vintage floral paper teacups and reusable silver cutlery. And don’t forget our reusable picnic champagne flutes if you order a mini bottle of “bubbles”  Please note we send the number of towers required per entire order, colors may vary.


Tea List

Tea in its purest form is celebrated at Neverland with over 60 types of teas sourced from 10 suppliers on 4 continents.


Diet Items

We want everyone to leave Neverland with magical memories, regardless of dietary restrictions, so we have a full assortment of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-omitted items available, on all our Autumn High Tea towers.

NeveRlanD Tea


While High Tea is definitely our guest favorite, we also offer lunch items and most are available for take out!  Please note we do not offer lunch items on weekends or statutory holidays, high tea reservations only on weekends.  Besides dine-in you can order lunch items to go, but our favorite take out item is our Most Elegant High Tea, everything you need for a beautiful afternoon High Tea at home.


Kid’s menu

Neverland Tea Salon offers a Tinkerbell’s High Tea tower for 12 years and under, we love seeing their eyes light up every time we place a tower in front of them. Perfect children’s treat for a take out tea party!

Neverland is an amalgamation of everything we love: celebration, decadence, ritual, whimsy and creativity.