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Black Teas. Most popular tea in the West due to its bold flavour

  • Our signature house blend. Peppermint and chocolate mix beautifully with black tea to create a flavour as welcoming as Neverland itself. Ingredients: Black tea, peppermint leaves, carob, vanilla.
  • Exceptionally smooth long leaf Sri Lanka and India Ceylon and Assam tea with notes of creamy vanilla and bergamot. One of our biggest selling teas. Ceylon tea, used in our Heavenly Cream tea is a Sri Lankan tea named after the nation’s former title. Sri Lankan tea gardens are prominent across the country from the coastal plains to the mountainous highlands. Ceylon teas have a wider range of flavors due to the varied landscape in which the teas are grown. Most Ceylon teas as our Heavenly Cream tea, have a strong flavor with spice notes and feature a deep black color when brewed. Ceylon teas grown at high altitude are golden brown in color and feature distinct, high-quality flavor as found in the flavor of our Heavenly Cream tea. The vanilla and bergamot added to our Heavenly Cream tea, truly brings out the richness in this tea. This tea is steeped for 2 minutes in boiling water, great served black or flavored with cream, honey sugar or your preferred whitener, also makes a great iced tea. Ingredients: Assam black tea, vanilla and bergamot
  • French lavender with bergamot and a blend of single-estate black teas. Neverland’s Lavender Earl Grey tea is simply one of the best teas you will experience especially if you love Lavender Earl Grey tea. It's made rich with vanilla, lavender buds and bergamot. A “Single estate tea” is any tea originating from one single tea property, plantation or garden, where the makeup of the tea plant's environment, soil elements, elevation level, as well as climate are important factors that directly contribute to the quality, taste, and health benefits of each tea leaf.  This is where tea becomes an art form.  Just like a single malt scotch, vintage wine, and single origin coffee, we appreciate single estate tea for the same reasons. Ingredients: Single estate black tea blends, fresh vanilla and bergamot.
  • A traditional Chinese blend of black teas from the highlands of Ceylon.

    English Breakfast tea, is a black tea that is a delicious beverage that can offer flavors ranging from fruity and floral to strong and malty. The strong flavors of black tea and its moderate caffeine content makes it a good choice for replacing coffee. English Breakfast tea can be consumed as iced tea or hot tea, making it a good choice all year long. This oxidized tea is bold and rich with a full bodied flavor that is sure to please.

    Breakfast teas are typically consumed with milk and sugar. English Breakfast teas are staples of English tea time and are often used by the royal family when hosting diplomatic events or foreign dignitaries. These Assam teas are widely popular in Asia as well as Europe and the Americas.