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Dis-count down to Christmas Teas (100g)

//Dis-count down to Christmas Teas (100g)

Dis-count down to Christmas Teas (100g)


December 1st – Thai Chai, December 2nd Cherry Orchard, December 3rd & 19th Tiger Lily Jasmine, December 4th & 13th Golden Nepal, December 5th & 14th Pixie Dust, December 6th Buttery Blue Licorice, December 7th & 23 Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling, December 8th & 21st Wild Strawberry, December 9th & 22nd Earl Grey Rooibos, December 10th & 18th Mango Green, December 11th & 20th Ginger Spice, December 12th Bumble Berry, December 15th Summer in Provence, December 16th Some Like it Hot, December 17th Cherry Orchard.



Everyday between now and Christmas is a feature tea that can be purchased for $10, stock up today on the “Tea of the Day” discount.