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A F R I C A, I N D I A, J A P A N, C H I N A  &  N E P A L

All of our teas have no artificial ingredients and are gluten and dairy free.

Neverland Tea Salon was conceived by renowned Canadian creatives and childhood friends, Terri Tatchell and Renee Iaci to satiate their yearning for a special gathering place steeped in tradition and as inclusive and welcoming as Canada itself.

Their imagined paradise became a reality in the Kitsilano Neighborhood of Vancouver in 2013, and from the moment they opened the door, it surpassed their loftiest dreams.

People from near and far flooded the salon making memories, celebrating life’s moments, and welcoming Neverland into their repertoire of places that make life feel just a little bit more special.

If they wanted to carry that feeling home (which of course everyone did), all they needed was to purchase their favorite tea in a bag as exquisite as the salon, sold in 100 or 150 gram packages.

The demand was instant, and Neverland has proudly sold tens of thousands of grams of teas each year to customers visiting the salon. The problem was, bags of tea run out and not everyone lives close to Neverland. The answer was clear and the people had spoken! Thus Neverland Tea online store was born.